Horse Racing and Maintenance

Horse Racing

Horse races are often praised and enjoyed by many people. People used to enjoy the horse race in previous days but in these days, the horse racing is the way of earning money. The professional rider of jokey races the horse and the trainer trains both of them to win the race effectively. The horses are trained in accordance with their stamina and special attention and care is paid to them in order for them to stay healthy and stabilize their stamina well. People do enjoy horse racing and the sport is as popular as it was in ancient times but since people has started betting or gambling on horses, it has become a source of income for the people.

Kinds of Horse Races

There are many kinds of horse races but few of them are popular than the other. The plain horse racing is often seen and enjoyed where the jockey tries to make the horse win the race. The polo is often played as well. The hurdles race where horse has to cross or pass some of the hurdles and obstacles in order to reach the winning point. The leaps are dependent on the stamina of the horse. The weights are put on the horses to see how much weight they could endure in accordance with their stamina. The horses are well maintained and trained in order to win the above mentioned races. Another type of horse racing is in which the endurance stamina of horse is checked.


The racing horses are properly maintained. Their special and rich food is necessary in order for them to perform well in the race. The complete care and proper training and maintenance would build up stamina of the horse and in return the chances of winning the race increase as well. The jockey and trainer pay special attention to the maintenance of horse so that the horse could perform well in the race.

Concluding Summary

Horse races are fun and exciting to watch but they involve great amount of danger as well. The horses are often physically punished in case of not winning the race. The gamble or bet on the animal is quite not fair and the skills of the animal could be misuse. Many reports have found that horses often get beating during the process of training as well. The danger involves in the horse racing games is the injury of both jockey and horse.



Players Who Played for only one franchise in IPL history

A lot happens in the IPL games and players often find it suitable to change teams. Some teams have actually split up and some keep introducing new players. However, in IPL history, there are some players that have had different perspective, players that have played for the same IPL franchise in all their history playing in the IPL. A lot of these players is available at the vivo IPL 2018 live streaming. These are the players that have proven to be committed to their franchises.

  1. Virat Kohli

Now serving as the captain for the Indian National team, Virat Kohli is a player in the Royal Challengers with a history dating back in 2008 when he joined the team on a contract as a youth player. He has revolutionized his game playing as a right-handed batsman and a right-arm medium bowler. Virat as served as the captain for his team and has accumulated over 3500 runs. Virat Kohli served the team as vice-Captain during Daniel Vettori’s captaincy but soon became captain after Vettori’s retirement. His tremendous play in this year’s IPL can be watched on Vivo IPL 2018 live streaming through YuppTV.

  1. Shaun Marsh

Probably one of the few players that do it perfectly with the left hand. Shaun Marsh had a rich junior career having played for Western Australia, his home at under-17 and under-19 respectively. Shaun’s early career engagement started with the 1999-2000 tournament. In the IPL, he plays in the King XI Punjab franchise. Watch Shaun over at vivo IPL 2018 live streaming for his games. Shaun Marsh is an opening batsman playing for the Western Warriors. This key player had remained unsold in IPL 2018.

  1. Ambati Rayudu

Ambati Rayudu Thirupathi is an Indian origin middle-order batsman with specialty in the right hand and an occasional wicket keeper in field. Ambati also had an early in cricket playing for India’s under-19 with his major starting performance being at the England games in 2002 where he scored 177 runs. He played for Mumbai Indians from 2010.

  1. Harbhajan Singh

Singh is one of those players that have had major achievements in those careers the most notable being his win of the world cup and double IPL titles playing for India. Singh plays the right-handed bat and the right-arm off break. He is also a perfect spin bowler. Singh has played for the Mumbai Indians franchise and has previously served as the captain for Mumbai Indians franchise. He is famed for being the first Indian to take a hat trick in Test cricket.

  1. Kieron Pollard

Kieron is also one of the stable players that have kept in one franchise. He is a batsman in the Mumbai Indians IPL franchise playing over 100 IPL matches with almost 2000 runs. He was very instrumental in the franchise’s win of their IPL titles. Catch interesting performances of Kieron Pollard and the other top players on YuppTV Vivo IPL 2018 live streaming.