California Basketball Camps Planning Essentials

Players who want to learn basketball, or want to improve their skills, usually joins a basketball camp during the off-season. On the other hand, some players already have talent; they spend their off-season joining basketball camps of famous professional basketball players.

If you are planning to do a youth basketball camp in California for kids and adults alike, you need to prepare everything first, from logistics to techniques. You need to put it on top of your priority list above everything else. Planning is very crucial because you need to consider everything.

My advice, sit down, breathe deeply, clear your mind and right in a piece of paper everything you need to do. Write the things you need to accomplish in your basketball camp and go over the things that you have written. You have to organize them so you can adequately come up with a good plan and get an idea on how to start the camp. Now let’s discuss the plan in starting a basketball camp. When planning, you need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

 Decide the length and the duration of the camp

 If the players attending your camp will stay long enough, it may cost you a lot of money and will most likely shorten your basketball camp than expected. On the other hand, if you make the camp to the point that the clinic spends time each day, you can extend it longer. Learning basketball skills takes a lot of time, it is best that you take enough time so that the attendees can adequately absorb all the information you are teaching them.

Make sure you assemble the camp at the right time

You need to consider the attendee’s availability to present themselves on the camp. California basketball camps usually target a particular group of individuals, so you need to correctly pick a date that will make it possible for them to access your camp. Usually, California camps have been done during the summer to attract kids and youth that don’t have classes and give the opportunity to attend your camp.

Target certain age groups

The wider your target age group is, the more difficult to implement your drills and activities that will suit their age, their competency and their level of skills. You need to set a standard or a barometer whether the kid or the youth is qualified to join your camp. This way, you can assess adequately the people attending your basketball clinic.

For example, if you are starting in this kind of business, it is better to conduct a kid’s camp since you will just be teaching fundamental basketball to kids. The moment you gain experience, and you properly organize your drills and plans, you can now setup basketball camp for students with advanced skills.

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Decide where you will conduct your basketball camp

You need to think about how much it will cost to set up a basketball camp. You need to decide the best place to hold your basketball clinic. You need to choose a place where there are already facilities for basketball like multiple basketball rings, balls, cones for drills, etc.

You can either rent a basketball gym or conduct your clinic in a school. California has a lot of basketball gyms or schools and Universities you can use for your camp. With this, you can save money because instead of buying basketball stuff, you can spend it on other things like sports drinks and sports gears you can give after they attend the camp.

You need to find staff with basketball knowledge

You can’t do this alone, let’s be real, even professional coaches and trainers still have something that they don’t know. Even professional athletes like Michael Jordan needs a trainer. Choosing staff that knows different basketball skills and with different basketball, backgrounds can help your camp determine which trainers can handle specific age groups.

Some kids can build trust with staff that has more experience in teaching basketball clinics, and some can draw attention because they are currently playing the sport. Attendees like to see a lot of basketball demonstration. Like reading a book, it is much better if people can see something visual.

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Publicize your camp program

It is the most effective way to market your camp to people who are interested in learning basketball. California is the land of television, radio, print ads and social media marketing. It is where you will find Hollywood, so it is not that difficult to advertise an event. You need to inform your target if you need people to attend your basketball clinic.

Publicizing the program can increase the chance of drawing interested people and increasing the number of your attendees. You have to include the location, the time and date, the gender or age who is qualified, the possible speakers and the activities of your basketball camp in marketing your camp in public.