Zipline Bovec, fly over unspoilt nature

Even if you experienced other ziplines before, we strongly suggest you try zipline Bovec, as it is a totally unique experience, something you have never seen before. Zipline Bovec is one of the longest ziplines in Europe and it is the longest and highest zipline in Slovenia.

Zipline Bovec will ‘fly you’ over vast forest, with amazing views over the Soča river (you might spot some rafters and kayakers, or even anglers) and the Julian Alps. You will experience Slovenia’s hidden gem from the birds perspective and you will be mesmerised by its beauty. You will spot the famous Bovec sheep grazing carefree on the green meadows around Bovec.

How does it look like

Zipline Bovec offers five different cables, where you will ride with different speeds, so you will undoubtedly get your adrenaline high. We will meet in Bovec, or we can also come to pick you up at a location of your choice. You will get all the safety equipment you need at the meeting point and off we go!!! We will get ourselves into jeeps, which will take us up to the start point. It is located in a valley between two amazing mountains, Mt. Kanin, which is the highest ski resort in Slovenia, and Mt. Rombon, where some of the bloodiest battles of WW1 were taking place.

Zipline Bovec offers you a speed of as much of 60 km/h, and you fly as high as 200 metres above amazing treetops. The whole experience lasts about three hours.

Face your fears, it will be worth it

Zipline Bovec is a unique opportunity for you to leave all the stress and worries behind and fly like a bird. It will be scary, but it will be worth it. Because, in the end, nothing will seem impossible anymore.

Zipline Bovec is an experience you will never forget. Join us, it will be fun!!