Fantasy Cricket is the Best Online Option for Every Cricket Fan

India is a nation where cricket is far beyond the first love, it is a religion. Cricket fans in India cross all limits to reveal their unending love for this game that the English brought to India. When you walk past the alleys, you will surely notice children playing street cricket with a dainty rubber ball and an unfurnished odd stick to replace the season bat.

As everything today seems to have an online version, we at Fantasy Cricket have come up with what you cricket fans have been pining for. Now, you can enjoy and express your love for cricket by playing your favourite match online through the Fantasy Cricket gaming app.

Know Why Fantasy Cricket is the Best Online Option for Every Cricket Fan in India

A cricket fan at heart always has suggestions and tips for the cricketers playing the match. If you are an avid fan of cricket, there might have been occasions when you might have screamed at the idiot box suggesting a better way to bat or bowl to the Indian players. The real cricket barely gives you an opportunity to put your suggestions to test. That is why we have come up with this unique platform of Fantasy Cricket where you can explore the nuances of cricket.

How to Enjoy Cricket Online on Fantasy Cricket?

The reason this platform is so loved by all cricket fans is because it allows you to play cricket right from scratch. Read along and know each step of enjoying a good round of cricket on Fantasy Cricket:

Setting Up the Team

Each cricket fan dreams to set up the team right from scratch. Now, Fantasy Cricket is going to give each online player that opportunity. Each player is provided a budget of 100 points. He needs to set up his team using the allocated points. You will be charged a certain number of points for each player you select. You need to be prudent to select the best team while handling expenses within the allocated points.

As is the case in all cricket teams, you need to give first preference to the batsmen. You need to select 4-5 good batsmen for the team. You need to select one wicket keeper for the team. The remaining would be bowlers.

You need to select the captain and the vice-captain for the team carefully as the runs they earn will affect the team score greatly. The points earned by the captain is counted as double the actual score while those earned by the vice-captain are counted as 1.5 times the actual score.

All Features of Actual Cricket Match Are Present in Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket has made sure the cricket lovers do not miss any of the fun while enjoying their favourite game on the online platform. That is why they have considered every option starting from T20 cricket to Test Match.

All you have to do is sign up for Fantasy Cricket. Then, you can enjoy playing your favourite filed game as you click on your mobile phone. You enjoy extra points for the team for batting, bowling and fielding. The rules are clearly stated and are quite similar to the actual matches so you wouldn’t have too rack your brains to understand how to go about it.

You lose points in Fantasy Cricket only when you get out on a duck. A good player has immense opportunity to show his true skills in cricket by signing up for some fun on Fantasy Cricket. If you have many friends who share the same love for cricket as you do, it is time to invite them for a match and enjoy some loyalty points in due course.

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