Rugby can help your future career too!

Rugby is an intensive game played hard and fast, which means players’ careers are limited. Thankfully, for professional and recreational players alike, there is so much more than the entertainment factor that players can take from the game when they hang up their boots for the last time. Many qualities that are highly prized on the rugby field are transferable and valuable in the workplace, too.

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How many times have you read on a job description that applicants “must be able to work as part of a team?” It’s so important to many employers, and in many ways, Rugby is the ultimate team game. No one shines alone, and everyone has to rely on their teammates. Another key lesson is to be able to rely on others to help you do what you need to achieve.


Being able to communicate a message in high-pressure situations is vital and a key transferable skill that many employers value. In rugby, if you don’t communicate well, you not only lose possession of the ball, but you’re likely to get hurt, as well. Time is also of the essence, so you have to think quickly.

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The ability to bounce back and dust yourself off after a set back is a rare skill and one that is sought after by many employers. Being able to learn from mistakes rather than dwell on them demonstrates a highly-prized attitude.

Whilst many basic rugby skills can be coached and improved through rugby drill videos from specialists like Sport Plan, the drive and determination is something you tend to be born with. No one can build it apart from you.

For more thoughts on how playing rugby might give you transferable skills to take you forward in your career, see the Athlete Career Transition advice and see how much you might have under your belt.

The job market is particularly competitive in the current climate, so any edge you can give yourself – like a determination to win – can be taken straight from the rugby pitch to the interview room. Ultimately, your employability is down to you and how you promote your skills and experience at interview, and then once in post, there will be no stopping you! Win or lose though, sportsmanship and respect are key to success on the rugby field.

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